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Monday, May 30, 2016

Investing. Real Simple.

If you have been following this blog, you'll know that I am a whore for money. I have always wanted to use this blog for investing. To invest your money, is to push the country forward. Remember, not consumer spending, it's investing.

The big word. INVESTING. It's important, you need to do it. By investing, your money makes money, which you can use to invest and make more money., Wouldn't you want to make money? I do, hence I'm applying for ads on this page.

Well I'm no economic student, or whiz, so I've taken up a book on investing so that investing will become an easy and helpful tool to be a success in life.

I took up, a book on investing. Keeping Investing Simple and Stupid by Malaysian Investing authors
Jonathan Quek and Benny Lee. It's a simple book made for people who're not financially savvy, and wanna learn how to start investing.
I'm going to take the teaching of this book and start investing.

Proofreading:: Why Malaysian Students Need It.

I've got another proofreading job. This time, I made 49 ringgit. Proofreading can be easy if you set your mind to it.

I did this proofreading job, just by sitting on the can, with my laptop on the lap and just got round to proofreading.

By the way, if you need some proofreading work done, you can always visit this very awesome company, Proofreaders United and ask for Aaron Yee to handle all of your proofreading needs.

How'd I do what I do? Well, I put a whole lot of time studying, and reading research papers, that has given me an edge when it comes to correcting and proofreading everyone;s work.

The truth is, Malaysia has a bunch of students in specialist fields of science that can't write a word of English. I know, yes that sounds rude, but it's true as even those who score A+ in their SPM English Examination can't even handle a conversation with someone from an English speaking country. Not to mention, the level of essay writing for English has been consistently low for us all.

I guess we're paying the price of multiculturalism, we speak many languages in Malaysia, we don't just decide on one. We have Malays, Chinese and Indians; and apart from the citizens of Klang Valley, many Malaysians speak their mother tongue and forgo the English Language.

English is important especially in the field of Science and Technology since most of the research papers published these days are in English. If you wanna write a research paper, you're gonna need to have good English...but alas, that is out of our grasp.

So why not enlist the service of a proofreader? Someone who's good in English to help you reach your goal of publishing your paper without the hassle of proofreading it yourself? You provide the content, we'll make sure it's legible.


Thursday, May 26, 2016

How to Get Your First Job on Proofreading

I have had a proofreading job, last week that was linked to the field of health science. It was an emergency job, but I still charged the client RM 5.00 per page. THerefore  I had only made 63 ringgit. Which is fine, all money is better than no money.

        So, how does one get in the game of proofreading? If you have been grown up reading loads of books, half the battle is won. So then you know how sentence structure is supposed to be like, grammar, vocabulary. Simple stuff. But you have to be familiar with research papers, journal articles and so on. Most people who come to you for proofreading usually want proofreading on their THESIS. It's not going to be correcting storybooks all the time, in fact in my short time as a proofreader, no one has come to me for proofreading on fiction books. Gah, that'd be a blast.

       Next, you have to know the content. If you have a diploma in accounting and then you have to make the jump into health sciences, chances are you're going make a lot of mistakes. If you are a proofreader, and you really want the project I suggest RESEARCH THE CONTENT. Don't go in half cocked, with half an idea and then start correcting words that you don't understand.

Make it easier for yourself, proofreading isn't just about having good english.

So how do you get a job as a proofreader? 

Normally there are just two routes you can take

1.) Depending on where you're from, you can join a company as a proofreader. There you'll join a pool of group readers that take on projects given to you by the company. I now work for Proofreaders United, in Malaysia, and the beauty of joining a company is the fact that you're not out looking for clients. the company does that for you.

The downside is, the company will take a small percentage of your earnings. So, the bigger the project, the more they take. Proofreaders United has a policy of 70/30. If I do a job for a hundred bucks, I can only get 70, which does suck and for those who don't like it you can always.....

2.) Go indie. No, not the music, but be your own man. Go on the web, such as Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Freelancer and start looking for clients. This is tiring, looking for your own clients. First, you don't have the legitimacy of a company, people might not trust you, your clients might not even pay you. However, you create a great business culture, and conduct things professionally you can start building your own clientele.

By proofreading independently, you keep a 100% of your profits and who knows, maybe someday you can even make your own company, by getting your friends to proofread for you.

There are pros and cons to everything. I'd suggest you start working with a company first, where you'll learn the tools of the trade, then branch out. You don't have to leave the company, but you can look for clients on your own via the platforms I had just listed.

Thanks for reading.


Damn You Nuffnang

Damn you, Nuffnang...

Come and go as you please! I got over a 1000 people coming in and you just drop your ad....this is why I'm poor....

Why I Quit MMA

        They say MMA is the true test of being a man, the one true sport. All that training, dieting and sacrifice, all to go for 15 minutes in the cage and duke it out. MMA is about respect, you win, you earn it, if you lose, respect is taken from you. However, what comes after MMA? What comes after those 15 minutes of blood and glory is a whole different story.

         I began training MMA in the year 2013. I saw a fight on the tele, and thought it was the most awesome thing I have ever seen. I was shadow boxing every where I went, watching youtube videos before I finally signed up at a fight gym. Back in 2013 there weren't many gyms, and I ended up going to the most commercialized gym at the time called Muayfit. I began training regularly, an hour and a half of muaythai everyday for a month, then some friends got me into Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Unlike other people. I didn't fall in love with BJJ instantly as many others would say. I did not see the practicality of it. Boy was I wrong.
        Fast forward 6 months, there was a competition, MIMMA and I wanted to join. So, the senior members of the gym thought that I should compete in a smaller arena first. Comes F3. The name of the promotion is F3, I'm not sure what it stands for, but I joined it anyway. I fought once there and realized I wasn't really good.
       I waited another 6 months and got a second fight with a seasoned opponent. That was the fight that I could say I was proud off. Hard fought fight, and we tried to rip each other's heads off. I got the guillotine again, and got my hand raised.

        But after all that, and a total of RM 500 purse money, I started to realize that I didn't have the time for it. It was affecting my studies, and I was studying to become a doctor. A doctor uses his mind for his job, and MMA, with each blow, was weakening it. I got really forgetful, I stuttered alot, and forgot names. I mean, this was only temporary, as I got better as time not training went by.

        MMA is great to watch but unless you're really serious about fighting, don't pursue it. You can train for fitness, for being cool or whatever you want. What's important about MMA is the discipline and the knowledge that it bestows to you. Not to mention, the friends you make along the way. So keep training, but just don't get hurt. Your mother wouldn't want to watch you get hurt.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

MIchael Venom Page: MMA's Hottest Prospect

       As MMA fans we're all used to news about fighters in the UFC, since the UFC monopolizes almost every aspect of Mixed Martial Arts, from acquiring Pride FC, World Extreme Cagefigthing and Strikeforce. They've even secured a deal with FOX, with smaller fight cards playing in on Fox if the card is not deemed "numbered" worthy. Even undercards from the pay-per-view shows are aired on Fox prior to the main card. They've shifted their reality tv show "The Ultimate Fighter" from Spike TV, to Fx, and it's now airing on Fox Sports 1 (to which Spike isn't really happy about). UFC is seeing a lot of success in bringing MMA from its dark days into mainstream media which is good for the sport. So what about shows and fighters that are not affiliated with the UFC?
       Enter Michael "Venom" Page, the Brit. he's so successful he's now called MVP, an abbreviation of his name, fighting in the world's second best promotion, Bellator. Known for his flashy style, this man with an undefeated pro record is all the rage whenever he steps into the cage (can't use the word Octagon, unless it's with the UFC), and fans know exactly who he is. Besides being a brilliant striker, for which he is known for, he has an alright ground game, he's active and successful off his back, kinda reminiscent of Former Lightweight Champion Anthony Pettis. Unlike Pettis though, MVP doesn't back pedal towards the fence, no, he is adept in controlling the centre of the cage, making him a force to be reckoned with. Which in contrast is why Pettis has been on a losing streak, Dos Anjos exposed his game to the world, but to the keen eye even in his Gilbert Melendez fight, Pettis was pushed back but silenced his critics after yanking out a guillotine. MVP has a great understanding of distance, whenever he back pedals, unlike Pettis (sorry I'm comparing so much with Pettis) he doesn't want to clinch. He knows his strengths, he's British, he's no wrestler, he back paddles, wades you in, and boom, comes the counter.

        MVP's strengths come from his unpredictability. He dances around the cage and catches his opponents with strikes that they don't see coming amidst the dance. All this dancing reminds me of boxing champion, Prince Naseem, he utilized his dancing to taunt and destroy his opponents. Now, add in kicks from this tae kwan do black belt, and you've got yourself a sight to see. Heck, he won his first pro fight against Ben Dishman via tornado kick. I dunno about you, I first saw the tornado kick from Power Rangers and thought it was the coolest thing I have ever seen, and I got to see that.
        If you're a true fan of MMA, do check his fights out on youtube. What a spectacle. He's got a fight coming up on July 16th against a not yet named opponent. Definitely Bellator's superstar, I don't think he would ever leave Bellator for the UFC. Maybe he might not cut it there, but he's already doing so well under the Bellator banner, being deemed as a "Human Highlight Reel". He's definitely getting paid better than the UFC, I can't imagine why he would ever want to leave. Hopefully he gets a title shot soon.
        For those patient enough, here's a video of his highlights. You just gotta love him!

Thanks for reading. Gotta love such a great fighter.


Nuffnang: Does it Work?

I've just signed up for nuffnang, since Adsense was not happening. Jeezy peets,

I can't even code the thing right. I feel that Adsense will do a better job.

I followed the instructions, and yet my blog doesn't want to let it show up. It's almost as if blogger wants to destroy me! Like it doesn't like nuffnang and revamped it's whole infrastructure so that nuffnang will not show up on my blog.

Or maybe I am being paranoid...

The ads just hasn't showed up yet right?

I've opted for nuffnang so that I don't have to deal with the adsense turnaround. But nuffnang is a huge headache, I can't edit my HTML to how nuffnang should be. Everytime I save, it says that I haven't yet.

This is too bothersome. I just want money! Is that too much to ask?

Anyone got a solution?

Google Adsense Won't Accept My Website

Dear Google,

I definitely want to be accepted to make some money, I gotten more than 500 views in 2 days. I blog when I look away from my books, ebooks and studying material. I am definitely an active blogger. I just want a chance, just a chance to make some money on the side.

I am already working 2 jobs, while studying. I had an adult student that flaked on me, so that is RM 20 an hour gone. She originally planned to have 2 lessons with me a week, which you add up goes to RM 40, but her busy schedule as a librarian has just cut my potential RM 40 from my earnings.

I am dirt poor, I may have gotten paid for my tuition job last weekend, but that money was supposed to go to my fixed deposit fund. where I use my money to make more money. So I've just been eating eggs and vegetable for the past 2 weeks. In fact. at times I would take my housemates' food and chow down. Which I definitely will replace by the end of the week.

I know this blog isn't the most popular one in town, but I gotta have a chance to make some money out of this .

I do put original content here, which is so arbitrary that not many people know what this blog is about...I'll tell you what it's about...it's about money!!

I wanna make more money, and let it grow. I wanna be like those other bloggers who write up random things, get thousands of views and get to travel the world. I wanna travel the world too! I wanna be a successful blogger, earn in US Dollars, and head to england.

My girlfriend's in England, and I wanna do right by her. Get enough money to settle down, get married, have kids and use US dollars to bathe my kids with.

I'm sure most of you, want to monetize your blogs. We as a community, the blogging community should help each other out. No. I won't pay anyone to read my blog, that's wrong.

But I hope people can give this blog a chance, and chance to show what it's really made off. Hope that people will actually give the blog a read, tell a friend. You can write in the comments about what a wh*re I am for views, but I don't really care.

I want money, and the money that Google Adsense can give.

I'm not even sure what to put in the labels, I'm not sure how to make this blog likable.

I dunno...

Google, gimme a shot!!

Thanks for reading. This post was just me venting my frustrations about how poor I've been.

Anyone got any ideas about how to make money please send them my way...I'm so desperate for money, that I'm thinking of settling for those "I make RM 800 a day from home!"


Malaysians students are NOT smart

After reading a post from this source, what you thought you knew about the education system in Malaysia was right all along.
This confirms the grades that students get when sitting for your finals of second'ry school are much lower than reality. It is shocking yet it doesn't come as a surprise for many people as this has been going on for far too long. We need to increase the standards for which our students are being graded on.

I'm not going to comment on why this is being done, I just know it needs to stop it is surely one of the most shameful things that are country does. I refuse to say anything else because I do love my country but our students need to improve if we are to escape the "third world country" status.

We need to have everyone to be on the same page to be treated equally with a sufficiently high passing mark 6 marks is not enough especially not for English if they have to fail, they have to fail.

Perhaps maybe we can turn this exam is the SPM exam in to something that can be retaken if the results are not good enough, so that increases the motivation of the of the students, because they don't know it yet. They don't know that these exams are important, that these exams don't just affect them there it affects the country.

I'm done ranting.

It's just sad


I have just tried this. It was amazing. THis is a recipe from Nicko's Kitchen.

Frankly speaking, I am not a cook, but Nicko (I assume that's his name) really broke down the steps so that any one that can't even break an egg properly will recreate one of the most iconic taste from fried chicken.

I swear to you, it's not easy, I made a lot of mistakes. And I did not really get the KFC taste for my chicken, but IT WAS GOOD! I was very happy with it.

I didn't take pictures, huge mistake but here's the recipe video!

Really good and easy to follow...i mean mean you're watching it, you'd be "oh i can handle this".

Then you drop the bowl, drop the chicken, put too much spices, too little egg or not cut the chicken properly. But seriously everything is in the prep.

Just watch the video!

Good site!

Just found a great site, I know this post is going to be short, but I need to share it.

Go have a read if you're a medical student! And please subscribe to my blog!

Also read this, http://www.slate.com/articles/business/the_ladder/2016/05/the_done_list_is_a_productivity_hack_that_s_the_opposite_of_a_to_do_list.html

Helps with getting stuff done throughout the day!

Okay guys, keep reading my blog. Subscribe to it, I've got loads of stuff

from stuff about medicine, reviews, mma news and how to make your blog huge, I write about everything. And you'd probably want to read everything.

So the subscribe button is to the right of this page! Too da loo!


Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Evidence Based Medicine: Free Marks In Exams.

For any of your who are medical students, you should know that Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) plays a role in helping you score marks during the exam. Usually, for students in International Medical University (IMU), it ALWAYS comes out during the OSPE paper. It is 10 marks in total, and it can be either the easiest 10 marks to gain or lose. It all depends on whether you apply yourself.

First off, to many 3rd years and 4th years, the very mention of EBM send shivers down their spine. Really it shouldn't. Don't be afraid of such a trivial thing.

Just remember, DEFINITIONS!

Remember the definition for every type of study there are. Cross sectional, randomised control trial, meta analysis and so on.

Once you have memorised the definitions by heart, half the battle is won. HALF!

Then there is the calculations, if you remember the calculations, it's the other half of the battle won.

And you get an easy 10 marks! That 10 marks can be a deciding factor between a pass and a fail, trust me it was when I sat for my finals last year. I didn't know how to do it, and I was told that I had failed the paper by just 4 points. And if I had passed that paper I wouldn't have to resit my exams and I'd be making money in Johor instead!

This is only part one of the post. Frankly speaking, I have spent much too much time blogging and promoting it that I have had only studied a single topic and it was just fever. I am reading articles that my lecturer had passed to me. Such a nice lady, with her help, I think I'd be really good at paediatrics, but alas, the posting is coming to a close. I will be starting O&G very soon.

Okay, seriously, I am off to study! STUDY EVERYTHING!!!! Make sure that I am prepared! I got loads of material to read from anyway. Maybe then I will stumble across anything to do with epidemiology and write everything here. I am going to do it, just so you can read it yourself and so that I can consolidate my learning. Get 10 marks for free!

So remember guys, EBM is easy.

The next post will be me, writing about it. It's not going to be written in the style of a text book. It'll be written in such a way, it'll help your thought processing. So do stick around yeah?


List of Popular Blog Content to Increase Traffic

Hit a bit of a wall, I want to keep this  blog active. I really do, but it's hard to find a niche topic to write about while the world just passes you by. It's is difficult, really is. So, to my readers, that come to this blog because I shamelessly plug it from any social media platform imaginable, google plus is amazing because, it's not really personal, I shared something on sherdog, got loads of negative replies back.

I am not sure what content to put here? If only people will be actiive and help me out next time by commenting! I got a comment bar disqus, the same kind that Sherdog uses! It's better than the one google gives you.

So guys, I just had an epiphany, for those who want a list of stuff they can write down on, for their next post kindly refer to the list I am compiling. Mind you, this is for the casual blogger, not those that represent a coporation. These are the more popular topics, use these topics and the right keywords to increase your traffic. I'm listing them down but I ain't gonna elaborate...much

1.) Fashion, make-up
You can do this even if you're a guy! Make-up should be gender neutral. Women can not wear make up if they want to, and males can wear make up as well! We're moving forward! So, if you're a make up aficionado, go nuts. Share the tips of the trade. Make some money.

2.) Food
Especially baking. If you tape yourself baking or cooking up a recipe ala Buzzfeed style, you can place it on your blog and share the video through many platforms. I've seen people sharing those kinds of videos, where you don't see the chef, instead you see his hand in a sped up video and captions to tell what's going on. For those cooks that're saving family recipes, make some money off it if you're not gonna open a store

3.) How-to
Simple How-to's are great. That's how we get wikihow. They had an MO and went with it. Geniuses. If I had a T.A.R.D.I.S. I would have ventured back in time and stole their idea. But kudos to them. However, if you have been a handy man your whole life, and you know something wikihow doesn't, just write it up yourself. you probably have more experience anyway.

4,) A JourneyI don't mean travels, that one will be my next point, but a journey of your own. Let's say you've got an exam in 11 weeks (oh snap I do!), write up the Journey, let your readers follow you on your journey. Update them, with your accomplishments.

5.) Travelling
By far the most popular. People love new things, and they love new sights. Take a camera, point it at some building and put a caption with an inspiring quote and you get a million views! Seriously, that's the truth, especially if you keep your blog like a diary. Write down the itinerary, what you did and pictures. Really, pictures trump words, proven fact. Thank Instagram

6.) Gaming
This includes unboxing, playing and basically screaming your head off. You'd probably want to monetize this on youtube, but you can put all the other information on a blog. Information fans would like to know, like what kind of platform you\re using, are you still studying, do you like doctor who or how often do you train. Also,you can thank your sponsors on the blog, put it in writing, get the sponsors' names out there. I mean, it does sound like double the effort, but it's double the money.

7.) Sports
Depends on what sport you follow, if you think you can write better than Give Me Sport, go right ahead! There's nothing stopping you, always follow your passion. Also since it's your blog, you can remain biased about whomever you support. You can vent out your frustration about who should get the sack, and if you have enough followers they might resonate with your opinions. Way to go for sports.

8.) Reviews
You could join the pretentious lot and write reviews of films and tv shows...it's really pretentious, but then again it's your blog! You answer to NOBODY! But then again, you have to make sure people like your blog...Besides. things from the tv, you can write reviews about your favourite book. Try to be relevant, don't write a review about Happy Days when no one's watching. But guess what? Again! It's you blog!

9.) Yourself
You can write blog post like this, and get people to read your stuff. It baffles me, but hey, everyone is entitled to their opinion...I just wished I made her kind of money. Xia xue you're my hero!

       So there you have it! List of popular content you can pick from. These are popular stuff, but don't expect to get rich overnight. There are other factors that prevent you from succeeding, so don't blame me if you're not getting views!

Thanks for reading.


This was how i used to write

I tell you all ar!

I have a blog that nobody reads!

nothing i say interest anyone at all...

I'm like super cereal. like if i told you manbearpig existed, would anyone believe me?

Anyways, kinda like time to jump start my life.

This was really an exciting week for me! Super duper uber exciting.

First off!......................forgot already. i too shy to say...i scared i tak masuk then kena laugh at......

Second! .......................also too shy....

Third!...........................I got the new MCR album! Cause gravity don't mean too much to me! If my velocity's gonna make you sweat then just go. let go.

Fourth!.........................I visited konek punye pasar malam...long...like my hair.

Awesome. I wished you would read this. if you did...then you truly do like my writing...which fails! Goodness gracious me! Why do i fail in everything i try!? I bet in football also lose! commit suicide also tak jadi!

But anyways, i'm happy now. trully and truthfully true...happy. and you know what?

It's cause of my awesome friends. Like Park Ji-....Joon Sung, Eng Hoe, Serene, L, Joon Sung, Leon, Berbatov, Joon Sung, alot lar...and Myat.

Ahhh....can't wait till thursday. will have to study hard hard hard!

Sing it out!

What Depression Feels Like

Okay, i think I'm having my bad days of depression. Not a good time for it since I want to study. That doesn't make me feel all fine and dandy all the time. In fact nowadays I'm just plain unpleasant.

I have my good moments and I have my bad ones. Right now it's all bad. I'm getting lazy and lethargic. That's a sign that I'm pissed off.

But at what you may ask?

Nothing really. I'm just having my mood swings again. That is a lead up for me to be pissed at specific stuff.

For starters I feel incompetent. I can't measure up to society. I feel stupid and dumb. I feel I can't start  doing anything in my life. It's sad.

But honestly, that's what depression feels like. It's almost as if the world had no colour. I'm not exaggerating. it really does seem like the world has no colour.

I have medications to help me, but I hope that everyone else will understand that depression doesn't come only if something bad happens. it comes whenever it wants.

Jack the College Dog

It's been a while since i have posted something on this wasteland of a blog of mine. So far, my life has been pretty eventful (Sitting down and watching family guy and south park on the ol' ipod) and i've made several new friends in college. I believe it was great that i came back to college and got to meet these people (For example Joyce, who has an awesome sense of humour)

Although I've made many new friends (and strengthening old ones) I met this friend who I truly like. His name is Jack.
He's a stray. Jack's not really his name. Just a name that some of the school lecturers and staff calls him. He has a wife named Jill who's most of the time missing.

Jack always sits outside the college in the morning waiting to see that usual students who'll meet him and play with him. He's a a tame dog, a tad bit timid though. He ran away when i dropped my bag.

Nearly every morning, he's the first friend I will greet. And I believe that he is as happy to see me as I am to see him. Sometimes I would bring a snack for him to eat since he looks a little skinny. I do not bring big meals for him because I've seen some of the residents give him rice before and I trust he's being fed. The minute he isn't, I will start bringing some food for him.

Now, why I'm writing this post is because I feel sorry for him. If I could, I would adopt him in a new york minute. But i can't since i already have another large breed in my house and the neighbours would complain. I did think about bringing him to PAWS and hope that he'll find a master who'll adopt him. But I can't bear to split him from Jill. I would bring Jill also but since I rarely see her, that's why...I can't. And places like PAWS, every few years they will have to gas some of their dogs when food is scarce. They do not want to, but procedure has to be carried out and I'm sure in a humane way. (I'm in no way implying that they are bad people), and since jack and jill aren't puppies, it'll be harder for them to get adopted.

It's a hard life for them. Everyday, I see them getting more and more injuries. When old injuries heal, new injuries pop up. Just the other day Jack had an eye problem. He kept it closed the whole time. Jill has a bump on her head that will hurt if someone pressed it down.

Jack and Jill are often chased out by the guards who are under orders to shoo them out. I cannot really blame them since MCKL is a learning institution and people from all over the world (apparently) study there. And we should be considerate towards the muslim people. But the two dogs are smart dogs. They learn not to mess with people who they do not play with. Jack and Jill will play with the students and college staff that treat them well.

I like the both of them. Most probably I feel a friendship with Jack. He most likely does not recognise me to be his master. But every morning when I see him lying down on the road, and he gets up to greet me I feel like he deserves better. When I trained him to sit, I felt a bond being formed. He's a smart dog. He learned that when i have food, i do not want him to jump around hoping to eat, he learned that i want him to sit. And he knows that now. I am so proud of him.

I will miss him when i leave. IF i leave, that is. Because he is a good dog. And the college is his home. Him and Jill. I believe that none of the staff or guards should throw rocks of them to chase them out.

Jack is a good, brave, fun and sometimes greedy dog. He deserves to have a place to sleep. Even if its at the back of the college. Jack and Jill are part of the college experience. Two dirty but friendly dogs who will love you when you give them just one packet of dog treats for a long time.

This post was written in my old blog. about 5 years ago. I just saw it and felt a sorrow. I heard from the college that he fell into a monsoon drain and drowned.

Life isn't fair. It really isn't.

Conor McGregor does WHAT!?

I had just read off, from a user in google+ (which is an amazing feature by the way), who goes by the name Barbie Blond MMA, will be posing nude for an ESPN cover shot, just as Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate had done before him.

To tell you the truth, whether this was a nude pictorial on a respected magazine or not, (he could be on one of those gentleman magazines for all I care,) I am just happy that Conor McGregor is back on the news. There's no news of a fight in the foreseeable future, but he at least it's great to hear about him. He was once, the man that was on every news outlet, now he is as quiet as a psalm.

I have been a huge fan of MMA for a long time, I have had fights before, just look at my header and you'll see a smiling boy with a medal round his neck. I love the news that MMA brings. Even if this one, brings about homoerotic feelings to certain people.

This piece of news has been further corroborated by mmamania. You can check that out right here 

So, if you lot have been following my blog, Ta!

In a day I have gone from 34 to 160+. I don't know how that happened. Thanks to my readers.

So to the fans of the King, nudity yay or nay?

What do you think Dee, Conor's girlfriend, will have to say?

Will we see some of hers? Well, that too much to ask =P

A blast from the past

I guess i only have myself to blame. Stupid ol' me

Wait you guys don't know what i'm talking about? Well, not that there's anyone there. No one actually reads my blog anyway.

You know people say read your bible and pray everyday and you'll grow? (not physically cause then i would do it long time)

Well, what if you don't?

What if you feel that you are stagnant? And never moving forward (duh that's what stagnant means...stupid aaron)

This month and last month has been really hard for me. When I say hard it's like as hard as a really hard thing. First off, I failed A-levels and I've got to retake it. Imagine failing it eh? And all your ol' buddies are going off to University while you stay behind and have to learn all the units by January just like the Avatar had to learn the 4 elements. It's embarrasing.
Next I've been feeling down. And useless. And I lost someone I love because of that. Because of all that complaining, I've driven that someone away. Huh, smart move Aaron. It's like Lee Chong Wei losing the Taufiq Hidayah, not because Taufiq Hidayah was better, but because Lee Chong Wei was hitting the shuttlecock to the net too many times. In other words, everything was my fault.


This was what happened to me 6 years ago. I failed my A- Levels...now I'm at the end of my degree, the same thing is happening.

Sometimes life is just so difficult, and it hurts to be left behind.
This time, I did not lose anyone, and that's great because I wanna work harder.
So that I can provide for my future...

I sure do hope adsense notices that I write a lot of stuff in this blog!!!

Relationship Goals.

(This was a post I put up on Valentines Day 2016. Right now, the missus is in Myanmar and I miss her, so I'm dedicating this post to her) 

Okay, it's a day before OSCE, and this post for all intents and purposes, is not for the usual "jealousy inducing", "image crafting" and whatever reason people post things for. I genuinely wanna do this. gonna be a long read but i am waiting for my OSCE partner to finish showering before we begin last minute practice (we've practiced all week, but last minute is WHERE YOU LEARN!) but hope anyone who reads this can get a good laugh as well.
So 5 years ago, this girl came into my life and used the excuse "Eh, ah boy, it's my birthday. Gimme present." Seeing as I was really high class with good hair, i just said "Well ma'am, you can have my calculator" I gave her my good calculator...the most advanced (for it's time) just because her calculator was the epitome of obsolete...well technically it was. I mean, she might as well had used a watch calculator for maths then! Wait, for those of you who think we're cheating in math class, using calculators, this is the type of math with the letters in them. I never understood how to do it...I can't even add things up without a pen and paper. Thank God I passed with....flying beige.
Then we became friends in math class. Where together we managed to show our teacher, Miss Goh, what the true meaning of extremes of marks are. She was getting 100 for math and i was getting close to zero. But i digress. We were a team. Without her, i would have never been able to copy her work and get a meager 40 on each mini test (i think 40 is good right? less than half but more than 39!) but we got together, cause I had the hair of a vcd seller and she had...hair. I was pretty stupid during A Levels; my former classmates and lecturers are probably laughing, "Hahahahahha....so true."; but she helped me in my time of need, she managed to give me all the resources imaginable...to help me get the bare minimum. That's love for you right there.
Ever since then we were a team. I may have decided to go to IMU and do local (more like forced) and she went on to the place where people drink tea in the day for sophistication and beer at night to negate any form of sophistication they had over day. That mystical land was called, England. More specifically she went to Manchester. The land of the most amazing football team, Manchester United...and their little brother Manchester City (suck it, James).
This is where things get hard. Life got hard. I was struggling in med school cause I was always destined for the opposite of greatness and she's learned that she's no longer the alpha dog in terms of academics (there's almost no math in medicine, unless a patient loses a limb and you get only one arm and two legs...i think). Communication was difficult as I've tried to deal with the stress of lecturers telling me what I already know ("you damn stupid la Aaron") and her hectic schedule of studying, working, basketball and dancing. I myself decided to take up MMA and rake up a record of 2-0 (thank you, thank you) which made me a huge asshole. But it was tough being together. You know, cause of the distance and lack of communication. Not cause I'm an asshole (snickers).
But you see, I wouldn't have it any other way. We are stronger than ever now. We have been to hell, snapped a picture and come back. We have argued over small things like "Aaron, why are you on your phone now." to "Su Myat Noe, stop asking me to be more responsible! Waking up at 4 pm is perfectly normal." as well as big things like money "Dear, were you only going to tip our tour guide who took us ALL the way up the highlands 2 pounds!?". Not to mention the big R word....she's buddhist, and i worship the one and true mighty God. Along with Joseph Smith....and at times the cast of Les Miserables.
However, after all we've been through (which is a lot. try a long distance relationship and tell me you're the best couple in the world.) I am so happy with you. I still am. I cannot contain how happy I am. We are a team now. When we do argue which is not a lot it's none of those "Aiya, f word you la." or "get out of my car! I hate you". I mean, she is so supportive, she'd support me do anything I want. If I quit medicine (mom don't worry, I won't) she'd support me and let me do something else. We now know we're in this for the long haul. Very long. I love you for who you are, you are very mature for your age...like an old lady...and i like that. We never claimed to the world that we're the best couple, cause there is no such thing. It's a story, and every couple will have their own. She once asked me what was my ambition, and all I could say was "to have a family" . I know I want it to be with you. With Aaron Junior, Myat Junior and Steve. I want to make you happy for the rest of my life, which might not be long due to my eating habits and propensity to do stupid things...like not tap out to a bow and arrow choke.
I may have been busy the past 2 months, and i thank you for understanding. Cause I don't wanna fail a second time!
Love you dear. Myat Noe
"And remember, the truth that once was spoken. To love another person is to see the face of God"
-Epilogue from Les Miserable The Musical
(sounds like it's from the bible...it's not)

Torion and the Prophet

 It's been 5 months since I've arrived on Torion. I was selected from at least 6 million applicants to be part of a 1000 person pioneer crew to populate on a grade C celestial body then named Schamroth III. They had spent 40 years terraforming the planets to our taste in the hopes that a crew of scientist and civilians will begin to inhabit that infant planet. The United leaders of Xerath had spent years and money pushing for this migration process.
        Have I mentioned that I was selected out of 6 million people? A 1000 out of 6 million. I mean sure, 6 million is not such a big number especially since Xerath had a staggering population of 9 billion people. The whole planet had been humping like rabbits, living in denial of Xerath's continual decay. Still to be chosen made me feel like I was someone special. I was told that it was almost as if I had won the lottery, a brand new start, a brave new world. Endless possibilities. Even before receiving my admittance letter, for some reason I knew that I was going to be selected. I had no family, no assets, no education and most of all, no future. It was like America on the planet Earth all those years ago. Just like Earth, Xerath was heading for the same direction; destruction. The crops were running scarce, there simply wasn't enough food to feed the growing population.
          Now after being here for 5 months, I'd rather be back home in my studio apartment on Xerath. This wasn't winning a lottery, it was drawing the short end of a straw. I would rather not have applied if I had known how bad it would be like here. After warping to Torion, the civilians were left to fend for themselves. The scientist there quickly set up a lab that was in a tent. Not sure what they were doing in there but they mostly kept to themselves. They mentioned that they have 'important matters to attend to' and that we should bugger off. Not their exact words but I believe that is the gist of what they were saying. We broke off into factions and left to start a new life for ourselves. My faction, 'Griffin' moved up the river for about 20 miles on foot and set up camp. Initially we were enthusiastic about this new beginning, but after a couple of days we realised two weeks of survival training wasn't enough for us to start a life. We had to start a civilization on our own, with limited training. Why hasn't the scientist around here have a manual for that? What a bunch of arseholes.
        I've been living with Bowles family all this while. We lived in a simple 3 room wooden house we've built as opposed to futuristic concrete ones back home. I would have lived alone, but the Bowles were rather persistent that I stayed with them; especially since I befriended them during survival training. There was Brian, Diane and Brian Jr. Junior was only about 10 years of age. I wonder what kind of parents would dare pluck their kid from his life back on Xerath, taking him away from all sense of familiarity just so they, the parents, can find a new zeal in life. Apparently their older daughter was supposed to follow them but she absconded during the warping ceremony. Smart girl. 
       Today I was out foraging for berries, usually a girl's job, but my build was never meant for hunting. I'd sooner die stalking a prey than getting killed by one. Griffin's chief, Zidane mentioned in jest "You look like a girl, you work like a girl". I am sure, he's mentioning my homesexuality, but it's not like a gave a hoot. Don't think I can stomach killing animals, but I sure can stomach them when they're dead and cooked! I'd always be following some of the other women for the foraging where we'd whine about the heat and regretted coming out here and getting mud all over their shoes (mud was almost non existent in Xerath as asphalt covered most of the ground) but today, I was alone. The women were busy sewing a new batch clothes for the faction. Sewing clothes for over a hundred people, with patterns and shit. I may be gay, but not that gay. I'd rather be off looking for berries in the wood. The men were all out hunting, sloppily if I might add. 5 months worth of practice and they've improved ever so slightly. I chuckled at the one time they caught a genetically modified deer with a hand grenade. It really did happen.
        'Michael!" I heard a voice call out to me as I was approaching the already completed village. I saw Brian  Junior running up. First thing he did was take off both bags or berries that I was carrying one in each hand. Bless him, not even going to school, but his parents still teach him manners.
      "What's up, Junior?" I asked. Out of the whole faction, the only friend I've made was a 10 year old boy. Jesus, I need social skills.
      "You know the cave right by the Zinadine mountain?" What a tool, Zidane names the first mountain after himself.
      "Yeah? The one Diane forbids you from playing in?" I asked cheekily.
      "Hah! You're no fun! Mom say's no, it means go in! That's where the adventure is at! Follow me, I have something I want to show you!" Brian Junior was awfully excited. He was jumping about in place...dropping the berries out of the bag
      "Wait! Don't drop them! Jesus. I took only an afternoon collecting them. It's gonna get dark soon, I don't think it's a good idea going into a cave at night. Jesus, I don't think it's even a good idea to even go into a cave!"
      "Don't cha mean Vishnu?" Junior asked, knowing what I was going to say next.
      "Same god, different names. Hahaha", That's what I loved about this kid. He was the only one in this group who'd love some good banter. Bantz as we liked to call it. Sure, no one is religious now. But after arriving on Torion, the people began to exhibit some cult-like behaviour. Cult-ish.
       The people began to look towards a leader, a prophet if you will. They followed Zidane blindly. Never questioning. I wasn't ever sure how he got to be the faction head. Pretty sure, we had an election among 6 of the oldest men in the faction (all of whom were in their early 40's) which included Zidane, Brian and 4 other old hoots . It was a relatively democratic process. Everyone voted for themselves except old Joe (an ironic name since he was only 2 months older than the second eldest of the group) whom had been experimenting with moonshine and voted for "Zidane or Zirdance or whatever", thereby making him, Zidane Spelling, king of the ill equipped faction. Zidane was a private during the Kurigan wars back on Xerath thereby making him the most experienced person of the group. Although, he was dishonourably discharged after shooting off the index, middle and little finger of his brother. His brother was having an affair with Zidane's wife. Hence, that's why Zidane is here as well.
       "Listen, Junior" I said trying to keep him happy , "I'll bring you somewhere tomorrow. I'll take a day off work and we'll have a trip. How's that?"
       "Fine." groaned the clearly defeated child, "if you say so."
       "What's so interesting about it anyway? I mean the cave."
       "That's the thing! I can't explain it! I saw some weird shit -"
       "Shit! You shouldn't be using that word!" Junior was definitely picking up my habit of cussing "Shit. Remember when your mom heard you say the C-word? We were both grounded! And I'm a grown man! Alright, alright! I'll follow you there tomorrow. It had better not be a prank!"
       "Oh definitely not, Michael!" exclaimed Junior "It is defo-the-tits!"
       "Jesus! What did I tell you about cursing?!" I said slapping the back of his head.

       We woke up and left early to the cave. Well, we tried. We were held up by Diane's breakfast. She had taken eggs from the genetically modified chicken's coop. Barn animal and game were placed on the planet years before the 1000 of us warped here. The illusion of self reliance, when everything has been placed here by Xerath's scientific division. We got to the cave after breakfast which took us about an hours walk. I seriously begin to question whether Brian and Diane are doing a good job keeping an eye on their child. As we entered the cave, I began to feel cold. The taste of air in here seemed to be different than the outside world. Junior lit his torch and grinned. Almost as if to prove he was better prepared than I was. I wasn't going to lose to a child so I held out my cellphone which had been switched off for 5 months and used to the torch light application on it. I was impressed with the phone, still has it's uses in a world without connectivity. I looked around the great cave, its walls that were shaped by the elements, lime stone pointing down from the ceiling.
       "Is this it Junior?" I asked, I was actually beginning to get a little scared of such a place "I guess we should head back."
      "No way! It's deeper in! Follow me!" 
       Sure, follow a child deeper into a potentially life threatening cave. What could go wrong? I mean, I might die. But I was kind of prepared for that when I sent my application in to live in this Deity forsaken planet. After walking for a good 10 minutes we hit a dead end. But there was a door present. It didn't have a knob or a keyhole like doors round here. Or a keypad/swipe card like back on Xerath. Suddenly a voice echoed in my head, "look closely at the door"
       I took two steps and the door, became a mirror, but I wasn't looking at myself, I was looking at a a lanky man who looks just like me, with a grey mustache. He looked a lot like me but his hair was grey and thinning. 
       "Michael, it's me. Michael" the man in the mirror said."
       "No way! It can't be. I can't grow a mustache" I may have been joking, but I was shocked, could any of this be real? What is Junior seeing right now? Am I speaking out loud? No, the voice seems to have spoken to the mirror out loud from my thoughts/
       "Ah, Michael. Ever so sacarstic. That trait will die soon. I don't have time, so I must be brief. I am you from the future."
       "If you're from the future, surely you've got plenty of time" I thought out loud.
       "Well I don't!" Future-Michael said crossly. "Listen, in the future there will be a great famine, and our Lord God needs you to warn the people. It will not be easy, no one will believe you for the next 7 cycles, your faction will experience an abundance in harvest, but that will change and you must rejoin -"
      "Wait! There's a God?! No way! Hahaha! This has to be a joke! Is it jesus and jehovah? Allah? Or -"
      "My boy, each world has its on God. A God can't control the whole universe, that'd be too much work. On earth there was jehovah and jesus -"
      "Called it, knew the the christians were right"
      "On Xenarth there was Urdusia"
      "Never heard of that one." Man, so many people must gave gone to hell then.
      "On Torion, it's Frurare. And he is a spiteful God. None of you have heard of him and this has made him a jealous God. He will soon destroy your crops and you will no longer be able to survive on the harsh lands of Torion. The genetically modified animals and crops will not survive his wrath."
       "Hey, you can't be serious? I mean I have to be dreaming."
       "Look at the boy next to you."
        I looked over to Brian Junior, he seemed to be in a trance, He was just staring upwards towards the ceiling. What was happening to him? I felt my stomach sink. What happenend to him?
       "Don't be afraid Michael. He is receiving his own set of instructions. Now you must listen, Zidane is not the true leader of the faction. You are. You will lead the people to salvation, To Frurare."
        "If you're from the future, tell me then. Do I succeed?" I asked, almost as a test.
        "That I cannot say. I must not reveal too much to you, Just a gentle nudge in the right direction. But stick with the boy. He will be your closest companion and advisor. You will love him in the years to come when he is a man, more than men you've ever loved."
        "Wait? Is Brian Junior gay as well?" I asked, I mean I liked the boy but I knew he was still a boy.
        "Hang on. Fuck, I wasn;t supposed to reveal. Oh well what's said is said. You are gay, he is not, and you'll have your heart broken. Many times. Many many times. But other than that, I cannot say anymore! And don't try to force anything out of me! Now go! Lead the people to Frurare."
         After that last sentence, I felt like I have been broken from a trance. I looked straight to Brian Junior. "Junior did you see that? Did you hear any of that?"
        "Yeah, an old man kept telling me to keep you true to your mission. To never leave you side -Michael! Michael!! Look at your face! It's changed! Different! You look old!"
        I turned to look at the door, it was still a mirror. Instead of looking like it was a recording, I was looking at myself. I looked just like the old man in the mirror. With a mustache! This must be real. I have to tell the people of Frurare. I must lead them from Zidane.
       "What are we going to do Michael? Mom and Dad won't be happy to hear about this"
       "You know what, fuck your mom and dad."

Leslie Newport was sitting at his desk. He had used his exovision to produce a recording to Michael. Tricking him into potentially starting a civil war. He walked out of the lab tent, and stared at the Griffin faction village. It looked like it was booming. Finally a proper civilization. He closed his eyes again and telepathed to his secondary cranial processor to message the other 4 faction scientist. 3 screens loaded to his eyes. 2 women scientist and an older scientist. The lady scientist on the first screen spoke;
       "Leslie, our factions have been ready for the past 2 months now. Do you have good news?"
       Leslie smiled to himself. "Send the drones out. Let them record eveything. Create a direct link with Xerath. We've just found a way to increase the ratings on this tv show." 


Game of Thrones S06E05

Hold the door! I'm not going to proceed without letting you know there're spoilers ahead.

In this episode of royal families does whatever the F*** they want, we are exposed to massive shifts in the plot. I have been saying it time and time again, the end is neigh, and the time for reading reviews, is now. So that you can discuss with your friends, and go all "Omg! I'm the biggest fan of GOT ever!". Shut up you spastic, the shows for everyone; Mothers, fathers, toddlers, the frail of heart you name it!

We begin this episode with Sansa sewing a dress of sorts, very reminiscent of distant times, when she was shorter, prettier and less raped. Okay, rape is no joke. The writers put that in the illustrate how evil, Ramsay really is, you know attacking anywhere but the face so no one will see? But when you look at that scene, the very opening scene, you see a woman, who has endured so much back at her roots. Remember season one? What was she doing? Sewing!

Little finger came about, thankfully, cause I think he carries a goliath weight of the show. Little finger, is obviously apologetic about Ramsay hurting the daughter of his dearly beloved. He kept asking her what did Ramsay do to her, I mean, what do you think he did? Love her with all his heart, that she had to run away? In this scene, I was glad that Sansa has grown, she is now the eldest Stark Child and unlike before, like in season 1 (Oh, does Joffrey love me back?) she wants to take back Winterfell, she wants to take it back with the brother she never loved before and now grows to love. She has changed, she is the new Daenerys like character. Exiled girl that has gone to reclaim her homeland. Seriously, kill Daenerys off! Boring tw*t.

Arya is then seen sticking it to Candice (From Fresh Meat). Even after a training montage from the previous episode she was in Arya is still not able to beat Candice (really, i dunno her name. There are way too many characters). Arya was then sent by the guy who had a lot of character in season 2 but got so boring and preachy in season 5, remember him? Yup that guy. Well, he sends the girl with no name to kill so actresses by poisoning the wine they drink in between shows.

Arya hid in plain sight watching a play about how Ned Stark was killed and how the Baratheon family truly are royalty. Basically, for the news to reach Bravos, it's like a game of Chinese Whispers and the play doesn't do Justice to Ned, in fact it made Joffrey look like a Saint. What a shame, it was though, I truly did enjoy the scene, featuring old timey plays, reminded me of my time in England, but it had to be ruined with it's first nude scene. Argh...cheapened the scene...FINE I LOVED IT ALRIGHT!

Daenerys gets really little screen time this week, but it was good screen time. Finally Jorah, after 6 years confesses his love to his Queen, knowing that he was going to becoming one of the bridge people. It was definitely a sad scene, Emilia Clarke gets to finally change her broody "I'm the Queen" face. Tyrion meanwhilem in Mereen, decides to play spin doctor and get people to believe in Daenerys. It appears a fragile peace has been achieved between the people of Mereen and the Masters. However, Tyrion really wants to make it official, he goes to ask a Priestess, who so happens to wear red, and worship so god of light...if you're thinking of melisandre you're mistaken, and you've probably haven't seen an episode of this show before.

The Iron Islands was fun. Theon's authority was question on the basis that he had no cock! HA! But really, I assumed you guys have watched this episode, the beauty of everything that happened in that 5 minutes was watching Yara's campaign crumble in a mere few sentences and the juxtaposition of the siblings fleeing on their best ship, while their uncle was being sworn and the Iron King. It was a treat to watch because you never really knew what was going to happen at the time, was he gonna die? was he gonna live? We were all probably banking on dying, but now the Iron Born are brought into the fray. "Let's murder them", what a good uncle.

So, what was great in this episode? Bran. I have been missing that little kid since series 4, and all i could say after the rollercoaster ride of a scene was "fucking legend".

Okay really big spoilers here, the rest of the shit up there, aren't really that important, but this shit you can't unread.

Bran uses his greenseer powers to discover the origin of the white walkers (WW). Apparently they, WW, man's greatest enemy, was created by the children of the forest, to protect themselves against, you've guessed it, man. The scenes were interspersed throughout the episode, all culminating to the end, where Bran royally fucks up. And many people die, everyone except Bran and that girl who's name I forgot 2 years ago.

The one that takes the cake was Hodor. What his name means, and how will Bran live with the guilt that he was the one that cause Hodor to be who he is?

Always remember guys, hold the door.

Missing from this episode are the King's Landing players, and whoever is left in Winterfell.

Thanks for reading


Monday, May 23, 2016

Why it's important not to touch your first paycheck.

I just got paid!

The cheque doesn't clear till Wednesday . You know, two working days and all.

The cheques is supposed to cover my one week teaching on the last week of April, so it's only about a hundred and eighty ringgit. Not much, I know, but being a part time student/teacher, it can go to a savings account to collect a wee bit of interest. Once I've made enough money, all of it is going into a fixed deposit.

So the title of this post, is about not touching your earnings. Obviously, you've got rent and groceries,  but this is where you budget. You have to place emphasis on spending less. You gotta eat cheap healthy food. No snacks! Rent is an overhead, nothing much you can so about it. But whatever is left. Don't touch it.

Don't believe in your friend that says "Guys let's go for yum cha (drinks)!". It's not worth it.

You wanna save.

So how do you do it, first off squeeze every cent you have. Any variables that can be manipulates, should be taken advantaged, such as electricity, water and eating out. I will explain how to squeeze every cent in my next post.

The money from your pay cheque, minus the other stuff, what's left of it, quickly put it into a category "don't touch". Earn a little interest in your savings account, and when it reaches a thousand, put it into a fixed deposit.

Then keep doing this until you have another, and another and another, until you have several. The initial rate for a maybank fixed deposit is about 3.25% but the longer the stay, the higher the rates. You'll get 3.6% in 60 months. And if you don't touch it, your interest is making you money as well. 3.25% of a thousand gets you 32.50. then the next year you get 3.25% out of 1032.50. and it keeps going on.

It is also important to diversify your profile, it can be depositing, your money in a different bank which has a different interest rate, or investing in unit trust. Choose the safest option, since there have been cases where people lose money to unit trust.

To the people who are reading and say "wow, thanks captain obvious! It's compound interest!"

Yes, it is. But we as society, tend to spend more, And more, on frivolous things. Keep working, live a modest life, and let the money work for you.

I know I am green to this sort of thing, I am a medical student I don't know anything but medicine, but I am all for saving and creating a money empire. Hopefully I can get a job where I get foreign currency.

Such as this blog.

Thanks for reading.


Thursday, May 19, 2016

Frustrations with freelancing

Hey, this week I have been in a rut, since my income has been jeopardized. So here are what I've been doing lately.

I've got a job for this company called Proofreaders United, which you can refer to my earlier post about how to get a job there. It's actually pretty easy.

I have been working at a tuition center on the weekends about 3 hours a week. I earn the bulk of my money from there. I do lose about half the money to travelling. But I do love teaching.

Private Tutoring
For about 20 bucks an hour, I tutor the school librarian in the subject of English. Basically, I correct her pronunciation and teach her new words.

Muay Thai
I teach my clinical partner, some muay Thai so that he can build his confidence and protect himself. Not only that, he gets to show off to his girlfriend how cool he is, that he can defend her now and beat people up. Sure hope it doesn't come to that.

So why am I frustrated

1.) My tuition time got cut in half. The kids, are busy this month and won't be coming in for public speaking class. This cuts out 90 bucks from my pay check this week, and I have to work on Saturdays and Sundays now, and I have to travel twice a week. Sure I only spend an hour teaching a day, but now I have to travel twice. And I will only be profiting about 40 bucks. I mean, all kinds of money is good but don't you want more?

2.) Proofreading isn't easy. I mean, the act of proofreading is, but getting clients to choose me is difficult, especially when the client pool is small and clients that stand me up. I had this client that needed urgent help with her thesis, I sent a quotation of RM 5 per page with a turnaround of 24 hours, and waited for her reply. I stayed up late, expecting to pull an all nighter, but she never got back to me. That's frustrating isn't it? Jesus, have a bit of consideration for the man who was willing to work for 5 bucks a page! My boss said the rates were too cheap! She basically had a bargain!

3.) My muay Thai student is supposed to have two lessons a week, which means I will get 10 bucks just off muay Thai. But he decides to make it one hour a week cause he doesn't know how to manage his money. He won't learn quickly enough, and he'd probably forget the lesson from the previous week. I know how hard is it to save money, but dude, RM 5 ringgit an hour for muay Thai lessons is a steal! He's basically robbing me. I know instructors that teach one on one for 30 bucks an hour, and that's the cheapest that they can do.

This month I will probably make about 600 bucks, which definitely isn't enough. I really want to open a fixed deposit soon, and let that money grow.

I'm not even sure I will still be employed at the tuition centre next month. This level of uncertainty scares me.

I'm gonna drown my self in my gynaecology text book.

Hopefully my membership at freelancer will help me get some jobs from the west, and make some foreign money. I can work for peanuts and the exchange rate will make me a king!!

Case Presentation of the day.

Hello, today was an alright day. I had a case presentation with my paeds lecturer, Prof. Sinniah, our esteemed lecturer, who quite frankly hates me cause I always mispell his name on text. Or maybe because I text him on Sundays.

"Yo how your weekend prof sneainfasihsh?"

Case presentation to the layman, is basically presenting a case. Clerk a case, get the history, touch the kid (eww, paedo) and talk about management. We've had a few cases but one of them was asthma. Quite a simple case. Really, if you're a medical student and you don't know about asthma, you're living under a rock

We saw a kid and my friend could not justify why the case was an asthma case. When you present a case, you're basically debating with your lecturer/consultant, as you have to justify your diagnoses with sufficient evidence! If you go in there gun half cocked, you're gonna get your ass handed to you to wear as a hat, and that's because lecturers in IMU are seasoned. They have 30 years under their belt, and what seems trivial to us, is an important piece of information that can decide the type of management that we're gonna give to our patient, as they can be very different.

That's why students, before they enter medical school, should watch all 8 seasons of House. Yes, i know it's a tv show with quite a bit of inaccuracies, but it shows you what can go wrong when you mess up the diagnoses. You're probably not gonna get the epiphany seen on the show, but you know every bit of information is important, and you gotta know how to ask!!

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So in this case, my friend did not establish certain key components for asthma

- recurrent attacks
- family history of asthma
- and a history of atopy

all he went on was..."The patient had an inhaler with a spacer on the drawer."

No, no, no, no, no, no, NO!!!!

Never forget those 3 points in your history when you're clerking and presenting to a consultant. Of course you can see that he got mad, "Why didn't you ask!? Did you leave your cerebral cortex at home!?"

For examination, he did not even do it. I get it, in paeds you've gotta be opportunistic, if a child is crying or sleeping you definitely don't wanna wake them up. Children are noisy, and the very cry of a single child can ruin 5 hours of your day. So imagine your life, in the paeds ward, surrounded by very sick children, crying because of pain or something else you don't know about...most probably more pain.

Check the respiratory rate, subcostal recession, substeral recession, nasal flaring, Harrison's sulci (Han Solo) and blah blah blah.

Trust me, for those that have not done their OSCEs yet, physical examination is the easiest thing to do and it scores well. Just washing your hands gets you a mark.

Of the 3 of us (there's only 3 in our group), the only other person, who's not me, got three cases,  presented reasonably well and appeased the Lord SINSFSIAH.

So, for those of you that need help doing physical examinations I've got 3 tips for you.

practice, practice and more practice.

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It's a plug, i know but i'm not even getting paid for it. I just want to get the word out there for you good people.

Thanks for reading.


Tuesday, May 17, 2016

How to study in the library.

Hello, I'm just having a lunch break after being in the paediatric ward. Gosh I love kids, (I ain't paedo though). After lunch, I will be heading to the the library to catch up on what I've learned today.

If you're a medical student reading this, and I know you are, you know that you've gotta study around your patient. What you see in the ward, go to the library and read it in a book.

Now I know we live in an age where heading to the library is obsolete, (much like writing a blog) but I do believe you get more done in the library than at home.

Now I know people love list so I'm gonna list goddamnit!

1.) Walk in knowing what you want to study.

Ever seen the kid that walks in to the library with loads of books? Like he'll have a book on Opthalmology, psychiatry, and then advanced particle physics.

Let's be real, you're probably gonna only read one of those books. You might need other books to refer to (especially if you haven't heard of the smartphone), so pick those books of similar topics. Some books might have some information the other one doesn't. Or it might even simplify a passage you don't understand.

So keep the work related.

2.) Bring a jacket

It's pretty arbitrary how I rank these things. OK, you know what, these are not ranked in any specific order.

If you're reading this from the U.S., UK or anywhere that does have a tropical climate, I can't really say that I know what you library climate is like.

Here in Malaysia, the climate is scalding, with temperatures reaching 32 degrees Celsius. So, how does a private university deal with that? By upping the AC. This in turn makes the library just like Siberia.

Now wouldn't shivering just get in the way of reading your notes, writing shit on the computer or having discussions? It would, wouldn't it? It's better that you use your time reading than shivering! Come on, time management

3.) Don't bring a friend

This might not be a popular opinion as most people would like to have study groups. But face it friends are a distraction. They ruin concentration and quite possibly your future!

OK, I am definitely exaggerating there. But I am right about the library part.

Try all you want, to study with your friend and not have a chat, but odds are you and your friends are gonna get distracted by the picture of breast while reading on breast cancer. Oh you guys.

But please focus on the task at hand. Don't bring friends. Unless it's Jesus.

4.) Stationeries

This definitely goes without saying, bring your pencil box. You're definitely gonna use your highlighters make a colouring book of all your text books.

Besides that, if you have a note book, you can jot down important shit that you might want to refer to later. Don't use full scape paper, cause that shit gets messy. I once used full scape paper, and I had to compile my notes later. Well, I lost a bunch of notes. Using a book, keeps you organized and for goodness sake, it's neat. Neat stuff makes you wanna study more, not scientifically proven, but really does make sense.

5.) Try being Japanese

Not trying to be racist (I'm Asian as well), this point is one that I swear by. It's so good the Netflix series, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt did it as well. What was it? Read on.

They adopt the principle of "Kaizen". It's a whole system of improving yourself. Wikipedia will explain. But what I do is, I take a minute to improve myself. And anyone can do anything for a minute, why not give it another minute. Keep doing this and difficulty focusing will be a thing of the past.

I do it all the time, now I can go hours, I only take a break every minute to reset my minute

6.) Bring a huge bottle of water.

Preferably, 1.5 litres. Think of the library as camping, or if you're into mma or boxing, fight camp.

You're gearing up for exams, it's about 3 months away. You gotta sit down and not move any where. This life saving water, will keep you going. You don't wanna get thirsty, later on and head out for a drink with friends, xause every minute you are out of the library feels like mere seconds to you. Stay in the library with a bottle of water!!!

7.) Position yourself

What do I mean by that? Well, if you wanna optimize your time in the library, you gotta be in the optimal position. And that is closer to the toilet. You gonna wanna be during your time in the library. Again, cut down the time. If the toilet stinks, don't get too close... You wanna make sure your time in the library is good. To be in the right state of mind. Just like a fighter before a fight.

8.) Don't be afraid to shush people

There will always be a group of students that treat the library as a place to get together. No! The library is your safe haven. It's that place that's gonna help you ace those exams, or at the very least get a C (medical student A). You need concentration, and just like the point I made about friends, you can't study with distractions.

You're gonna need to silence the bastards. If they wanna discuss their work, go to a cafe. If you wanna be alone revising, shut up and nut up (sorry ladies, I will try to be more gender neutral in the future)

9.) Be consistent

No study camp is complete without consistency. If you're gonna study one day a week and Jack off the other 6, you're definitely gonna fuck up.

Make a timetable. Establish how many days you have left to exams. Follow said timetable and always go to the library.

So that's pretty much it, the important thing is to keep on studying. No one's gonna do it for you.

And I'm gonna follow my own advice cause I am tits up in book that I've gotta read.

Teaching tuition tonight, gotta studying first!

Thanks for reading.