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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Game of Thrones S06E05

Hold the door! I'm not going to proceed without letting you know there're spoilers ahead.

In this episode of royal families does whatever the F*** they want, we are exposed to massive shifts in the plot. I have been saying it time and time again, the end is neigh, and the time for reading reviews, is now. So that you can discuss with your friends, and go all "Omg! I'm the biggest fan of GOT ever!". Shut up you spastic, the shows for everyone; Mothers, fathers, toddlers, the frail of heart you name it!

We begin this episode with Sansa sewing a dress of sorts, very reminiscent of distant times, when she was shorter, prettier and less raped. Okay, rape is no joke. The writers put that in the illustrate how evil, Ramsay really is, you know attacking anywhere but the face so no one will see? But when you look at that scene, the very opening scene, you see a woman, who has endured so much back at her roots. Remember season one? What was she doing? Sewing!

Little finger came about, thankfully, cause I think he carries a goliath weight of the show. Little finger, is obviously apologetic about Ramsay hurting the daughter of his dearly beloved. He kept asking her what did Ramsay do to her, I mean, what do you think he did? Love her with all his heart, that she had to run away? In this scene, I was glad that Sansa has grown, she is now the eldest Stark Child and unlike before, like in season 1 (Oh, does Joffrey love me back?) she wants to take back Winterfell, she wants to take it back with the brother she never loved before and now grows to love. She has changed, she is the new Daenerys like character. Exiled girl that has gone to reclaim her homeland. Seriously, kill Daenerys off! Boring tw*t.

Arya is then seen sticking it to Candice (From Fresh Meat). Even after a training montage from the previous episode she was in Arya is still not able to beat Candice (really, i dunno her name. There are way too many characters). Arya was then sent by the guy who had a lot of character in season 2 but got so boring and preachy in season 5, remember him? Yup that guy. Well, he sends the girl with no name to kill so actresses by poisoning the wine they drink in between shows.

Arya hid in plain sight watching a play about how Ned Stark was killed and how the Baratheon family truly are royalty. Basically, for the news to reach Bravos, it's like a game of Chinese Whispers and the play doesn't do Justice to Ned, in fact it made Joffrey look like a Saint. What a shame, it was though, I truly did enjoy the scene, featuring old timey plays, reminded me of my time in England, but it had to be ruined with it's first nude scene. Argh...cheapened the scene...FINE I LOVED IT ALRIGHT!

Daenerys gets really little screen time this week, but it was good screen time. Finally Jorah, after 6 years confesses his love to his Queen, knowing that he was going to becoming one of the bridge people. It was definitely a sad scene, Emilia Clarke gets to finally change her broody "I'm the Queen" face. Tyrion meanwhilem in Mereen, decides to play spin doctor and get people to believe in Daenerys. It appears a fragile peace has been achieved between the people of Mereen and the Masters. However, Tyrion really wants to make it official, he goes to ask a Priestess, who so happens to wear red, and worship so god of light...if you're thinking of melisandre you're mistaken, and you've probably haven't seen an episode of this show before.

The Iron Islands was fun. Theon's authority was question on the basis that he had no cock! HA! But really, I assumed you guys have watched this episode, the beauty of everything that happened in that 5 minutes was watching Yara's campaign crumble in a mere few sentences and the juxtaposition of the siblings fleeing on their best ship, while their uncle was being sworn and the Iron King. It was a treat to watch because you never really knew what was going to happen at the time, was he gonna die? was he gonna live? We were all probably banking on dying, but now the Iron Born are brought into the fray. "Let's murder them", what a good uncle.

So, what was great in this episode? Bran. I have been missing that little kid since series 4, and all i could say after the rollercoaster ride of a scene was "fucking legend".

Okay really big spoilers here, the rest of the shit up there, aren't really that important, but this shit you can't unread.

Bran uses his greenseer powers to discover the origin of the white walkers (WW). Apparently they, WW, man's greatest enemy, was created by the children of the forest, to protect themselves against, you've guessed it, man. The scenes were interspersed throughout the episode, all culminating to the end, where Bran royally fucks up. And many people die, everyone except Bran and that girl who's name I forgot 2 years ago.

The one that takes the cake was Hodor. What his name means, and how will Bran live with the guilt that he was the one that cause Hodor to be who he is?

Always remember guys, hold the door.

Missing from this episode are the King's Landing players, and whoever is left in Winterfell.

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