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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Game of Thrones: season 6 episode 4 review.

(obviously, spoilers)

Okay, yesterday after studying in the library (ophthalmology and seizures) I taught a friend muay thai for RM5 an hour (very good discount right there), I wanted to study in the library but in the end I had just remembered, "I haven't seen Game of Thrones yet...studying can wait!"
The first thought I had, after watching Jon Snow leaving was "Oh yes! The story is moving forward!" Don't get me wrong, I loved seeing scenes from castle black, watching our Lord Commander betrayed by his brothers, but after 5 seasons at Castle Black, I needed something more. And lo and behold, "Open the gates!", there she was, Sansa Stark.

Ever since season one, the Stark Children had been on their own. Jon and Sansa embraced, something which I found pretty beautiful. If you've read A Game of Thrones, you'd know that Sansa wasn't the best sister to her bastard brother. The next scene focused on Sansa apologizing to Jon, after she had been cold towards Jon, and asking for forgiveness (literally, "forgive me! pleeeeeease!"). After all theshit that Sansa has been through, it's expected that she'd wanna take back Winterfell.

The story progresses and Jon finally agrees to take the fight to Winterfell, with an army of 2000 wildlings strong. Do you not see how this show is reaching it's end game. I expect a battle at the end of the season. You can say I'm wrong, but I swear my integrity on it! I mean, our grey-zoned (and friend zoned) love to hate and hate to love, Lord is back. Little Finger! Oh, I loved this scene. He manipulates the Lord of the Veil (pussy) Robin into saving a life he had damned, to appear the hero. Robin you fool. But as much a dick he is, he is sending troops down to aid Sansa and Jon win back Winterfell. Again, I reiterate, a battle is coming soon!

Across the narrow sea, Tyrion (our Game of Thrones equivalent to Robert Downey Jr.) aimed to make peace with the Masters in the most diplomatically way possible, which includes whores. He proposes to the masters, to let them have slavery for another 7 years. Which is great. The paradigm doesn't shift over night. A huge reason why I've always hated Daenerys was that she was all "I'm gonna end slavery,' but she doesn't have a goddamn back up plan. She makes sweeping and uninformed statements. Just like the United States' very own republican Candidate.

Of course, this proposition is met by opposition. Especially since nearly everyone Tyrion is working with was once a slave, and he is a foreigner. But let's remember two amazing lines from the dwarf's mouth "Make peace with your enemies, not your friends" and "There's no need for slavery, I was born in Westeros without slaves, and I was still richer than all of you" (I'm paraphrasing).

Scenes that bore me this week, were definitely those of Daenerys and her rescue. Jesus, can someone head be so far up her ass? Jorah and The Age of Adeline guy, were great but anything to do with Daenerys' pompous and misplaced arrogance irked me. For goodness sake, you're a captive and you still want to make snarky remarks at your captives.

Let me be straight, Daenerys is a boring character. In the first two seasons there were plenty of character development, but now she's nothing but a bore. Since the first season, her path has been leading her to Westeros, and yet she stays in Mereen and tries to "Make America Mereen Great Again". 4 seasons, of doing nothing. Wished Ronda will tell her "You're a do nothing bitch".

Yet, her moment of triumph arrived when she decided to burn the hut filled with Dothraki leaders (was any of them the Khal? It wasn't really explained), and she walked out naked as the day she was born, to the awe and fear of the Dothraki. Now can she finally plan to head back to Westeros? Most of us are getting IMPATIENT!

King's Landing has also been a bit of a let down. The High Sparrow and his gang or holy twats, are just prolonging the episode count. Which is fine, we don't want to see King's Landing's story just float by, waiting for the inevitable battle with whomever is coming. But, the High Sparrow, keeping the queen and her hate crimed brother trapped for 4 episodes while everyone in the Red Keep, discuss "There is a problem".

At least cersei came up with a plan. Thank you Cersei. Your incestuous partnership with your brother has made you smart. So new plan, let the Tyrells attack while the royal army does nothing. Very good move, this weakens the Tyrells, gets rid of the High Sparrow and you remain on top. While your son will still love you, cause mummy got his queen back. OH happy days!

The high sparrow speaking to Margaery, served nothing but exposition. I mean, what was he really trying to tell Margaery? Just a peek into his past so she can change the error of her ways? Come on, it was painfully obvious what that was.

 It great to see Ramsay Bolton again. A character so bad, it's good. Somehow, in this series, I can't help but feel Ramsay can do no wrong. Everything works out for him. He's two steps ahead of everyone. Like killing that wildling girl (whose name I have forgotten because it's been two years since I've seen her on air!). I mean it was obviously premeditated, but keeping his knife where his dick is...touche. That's one smart muthaf*cker. He's been on such a roll lately, it would be satisfying to watch him fail! When that day would come, no one knows, it could be this season or the next.

obviously missing from this episode are kick-ass not blind Arya, handi-capable Bran and several other interesting characters. Instead we get Reek. Reek's heading home to apologize to his sister, who's having none of it. She's lost her once proud brother, and instead inherits and dickless loser (to be fair, he was broken.) As usual, with Game of Thrones, each scene ends with an ominous up in the air conclusion, for this one Reek tells his sister that he wants her to rule the Iron Islands. Just as their uncle had taken over. Do I smell Civil War? (not the marvel movie, which is awesome by the way). Civil War would be fun, but I am tired of subplots that drifts the story away from the end game. For God's sake, I've been watching this for 5 years now!

All in all, I am excited for the next episode. Hopefully we get more......exposition. But hey, this show thrives on it. We're still pretty early into the season. Let's get more of it, and continue to suckle on its teat.

Okay, off to study now. Gotta finish the Paediatrics Sunflower book and teach english to one of the school librarians (Ironic isn't it?).

Thanks for reading.


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