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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

How to study in the library.

Hello, I'm just having a lunch break after being in the paediatric ward. Gosh I love kids, (I ain't paedo though). After lunch, I will be heading to the the library to catch up on what I've learned today.

If you're a medical student reading this, and I know you are, you know that you've gotta study around your patient. What you see in the ward, go to the library and read it in a book.

Now I know we live in an age where heading to the library is obsolete, (much like writing a blog) but I do believe you get more done in the library than at home.

Now I know people love list so I'm gonna list goddamnit!

1.) Walk in knowing what you want to study.

Ever seen the kid that walks in to the library with loads of books? Like he'll have a book on Opthalmology, psychiatry, and then advanced particle physics.

Let's be real, you're probably gonna only read one of those books. You might need other books to refer to (especially if you haven't heard of the smartphone), so pick those books of similar topics. Some books might have some information the other one doesn't. Or it might even simplify a passage you don't understand.

So keep the work related.

2.) Bring a jacket

It's pretty arbitrary how I rank these things. OK, you know what, these are not ranked in any specific order.

If you're reading this from the U.S., UK or anywhere that does have a tropical climate, I can't really say that I know what you library climate is like.

Here in Malaysia, the climate is scalding, with temperatures reaching 32 degrees Celsius. So, how does a private university deal with that? By upping the AC. This in turn makes the library just like Siberia.

Now wouldn't shivering just get in the way of reading your notes, writing shit on the computer or having discussions? It would, wouldn't it? It's better that you use your time reading than shivering! Come on, time management

3.) Don't bring a friend

This might not be a popular opinion as most people would like to have study groups. But face it friends are a distraction. They ruin concentration and quite possibly your future!

OK, I am definitely exaggerating there. But I am right about the library part.

Try all you want, to study with your friend and not have a chat, but odds are you and your friends are gonna get distracted by the picture of breast while reading on breast cancer. Oh you guys.

But please focus on the task at hand. Don't bring friends. Unless it's Jesus.

4.) Stationeries

This definitely goes without saying, bring your pencil box. You're definitely gonna use your highlighters make a colouring book of all your text books.

Besides that, if you have a note book, you can jot down important shit that you might want to refer to later. Don't use full scape paper, cause that shit gets messy. I once used full scape paper, and I had to compile my notes later. Well, I lost a bunch of notes. Using a book, keeps you organized and for goodness sake, it's neat. Neat stuff makes you wanna study more, not scientifically proven, but really does make sense.

5.) Try being Japanese

Not trying to be racist (I'm Asian as well), this point is one that I swear by. It's so good the Netflix series, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt did it as well. What was it? Read on.

They adopt the principle of "Kaizen". It's a whole system of improving yourself. Wikipedia will explain. But what I do is, I take a minute to improve myself. And anyone can do anything for a minute, why not give it another minute. Keep doing this and difficulty focusing will be a thing of the past.

I do it all the time, now I can go hours, I only take a break every minute to reset my minute

6.) Bring a huge bottle of water.

Preferably, 1.5 litres. Think of the library as camping, or if you're into mma or boxing, fight camp.

You're gearing up for exams, it's about 3 months away. You gotta sit down and not move any where. This life saving water, will keep you going. You don't wanna get thirsty, later on and head out for a drink with friends, xause every minute you are out of the library feels like mere seconds to you. Stay in the library with a bottle of water!!!

7.) Position yourself

What do I mean by that? Well, if you wanna optimize your time in the library, you gotta be in the optimal position. And that is closer to the toilet. You gonna wanna be during your time in the library. Again, cut down the time. If the toilet stinks, don't get too close... You wanna make sure your time in the library is good. To be in the right state of mind. Just like a fighter before a fight.

8.) Don't be afraid to shush people

There will always be a group of students that treat the library as a place to get together. No! The library is your safe haven. It's that place that's gonna help you ace those exams, or at the very least get a C (medical student A). You need concentration, and just like the point I made about friends, you can't study with distractions.

You're gonna need to silence the bastards. If they wanna discuss their work, go to a cafe. If you wanna be alone revising, shut up and nut up (sorry ladies, I will try to be more gender neutral in the future)

9.) Be consistent

No study camp is complete without consistency. If you're gonna study one day a week and Jack off the other 6, you're definitely gonna fuck up.

Make a timetable. Establish how many days you have left to exams. Follow said timetable and always go to the library.

So that's pretty much it, the important thing is to keep on studying. No one's gonna do it for you.

And I'm gonna follow my own advice cause I am tits up in book that I've gotta read.

Teaching tuition tonight, gotta studying first!

Thanks for reading.


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