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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Malaysians students are NOT smart

After reading a post from this source, what you thought you knew about the education system in Malaysia was right all along.
This confirms the grades that students get when sitting for your finals of second'ry school are much lower than reality. It is shocking yet it doesn't come as a surprise for many people as this has been going on for far too long. We need to increase the standards for which our students are being graded on.

I'm not going to comment on why this is being done, I just know it needs to stop it is surely one of the most shameful things that are country does. I refuse to say anything else because I do love my country but our students need to improve if we are to escape the "third world country" status.

We need to have everyone to be on the same page to be treated equally with a sufficiently high passing mark 6 marks is not enough especially not for English if they have to fail, they have to fail.

Perhaps maybe we can turn this exam is the SPM exam in to something that can be retaken if the results are not good enough, so that increases the motivation of the of the students, because they don't know it yet. They don't know that these exams are important, that these exams don't just affect them there it affects the country.

I'm done ranting.

It's just sad

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