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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Nuffnang: Does it Work?

I've just signed up for nuffnang, since Adsense was not happening. Jeezy peets,

I can't even code the thing right. I feel that Adsense will do a better job.

I followed the instructions, and yet my blog doesn't want to let it show up. It's almost as if blogger wants to destroy me! Like it doesn't like nuffnang and revamped it's whole infrastructure so that nuffnang will not show up on my blog.

Or maybe I am being paranoid...

The ads just hasn't showed up yet right?

I've opted for nuffnang so that I don't have to deal with the adsense turnaround. But nuffnang is a huge headache, I can't edit my HTML to how nuffnang should be. Everytime I save, it says that I haven't yet.

This is too bothersome. I just want money! Is that too much to ask?

Anyone got a solution?

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