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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Torion and the Prophet

 It's been 5 months since I've arrived on Torion. I was selected from at least 6 million applicants to be part of a 1000 person pioneer crew to populate on a grade C celestial body then named Schamroth III. They had spent 40 years terraforming the planets to our taste in the hopes that a crew of scientist and civilians will begin to inhabit that infant planet. The United leaders of Xerath had spent years and money pushing for this migration process.
        Have I mentioned that I was selected out of 6 million people? A 1000 out of 6 million. I mean sure, 6 million is not such a big number especially since Xerath had a staggering population of 9 billion people. The whole planet had been humping like rabbits, living in denial of Xerath's continual decay. Still to be chosen made me feel like I was someone special. I was told that it was almost as if I had won the lottery, a brand new start, a brave new world. Endless possibilities. Even before receiving my admittance letter, for some reason I knew that I was going to be selected. I had no family, no assets, no education and most of all, no future. It was like America on the planet Earth all those years ago. Just like Earth, Xerath was heading for the same direction; destruction. The crops were running scarce, there simply wasn't enough food to feed the growing population.
          Now after being here for 5 months, I'd rather be back home in my studio apartment on Xerath. This wasn't winning a lottery, it was drawing the short end of a straw. I would rather not have applied if I had known how bad it would be like here. After warping to Torion, the civilians were left to fend for themselves. The scientist there quickly set up a lab that was in a tent. Not sure what they were doing in there but they mostly kept to themselves. They mentioned that they have 'important matters to attend to' and that we should bugger off. Not their exact words but I believe that is the gist of what they were saying. We broke off into factions and left to start a new life for ourselves. My faction, 'Griffin' moved up the river for about 20 miles on foot and set up camp. Initially we were enthusiastic about this new beginning, but after a couple of days we realised two weeks of survival training wasn't enough for us to start a life. We had to start a civilization on our own, with limited training. Why hasn't the scientist around here have a manual for that? What a bunch of arseholes.
        I've been living with Bowles family all this while. We lived in a simple 3 room wooden house we've built as opposed to futuristic concrete ones back home. I would have lived alone, but the Bowles were rather persistent that I stayed with them; especially since I befriended them during survival training. There was Brian, Diane and Brian Jr. Junior was only about 10 years of age. I wonder what kind of parents would dare pluck their kid from his life back on Xerath, taking him away from all sense of familiarity just so they, the parents, can find a new zeal in life. Apparently their older daughter was supposed to follow them but she absconded during the warping ceremony. Smart girl. 
       Today I was out foraging for berries, usually a girl's job, but my build was never meant for hunting. I'd sooner die stalking a prey than getting killed by one. Griffin's chief, Zidane mentioned in jest "You look like a girl, you work like a girl". I am sure, he's mentioning my homesexuality, but it's not like a gave a hoot. Don't think I can stomach killing animals, but I sure can stomach them when they're dead and cooked! I'd always be following some of the other women for the foraging where we'd whine about the heat and regretted coming out here and getting mud all over their shoes (mud was almost non existent in Xerath as asphalt covered most of the ground) but today, I was alone. The women were busy sewing a new batch clothes for the faction. Sewing clothes for over a hundred people, with patterns and shit. I may be gay, but not that gay. I'd rather be off looking for berries in the wood. The men were all out hunting, sloppily if I might add. 5 months worth of practice and they've improved ever so slightly. I chuckled at the one time they caught a genetically modified deer with a hand grenade. It really did happen.
        'Michael!" I heard a voice call out to me as I was approaching the already completed village. I saw Brian  Junior running up. First thing he did was take off both bags or berries that I was carrying one in each hand. Bless him, not even going to school, but his parents still teach him manners.
      "What's up, Junior?" I asked. Out of the whole faction, the only friend I've made was a 10 year old boy. Jesus, I need social skills.
      "You know the cave right by the Zinadine mountain?" What a tool, Zidane names the first mountain after himself.
      "Yeah? The one Diane forbids you from playing in?" I asked cheekily.
      "Hah! You're no fun! Mom say's no, it means go in! That's where the adventure is at! Follow me, I have something I want to show you!" Brian Junior was awfully excited. He was jumping about in place...dropping the berries out of the bag
      "Wait! Don't drop them! Jesus. I took only an afternoon collecting them. It's gonna get dark soon, I don't think it's a good idea going into a cave at night. Jesus, I don't think it's even a good idea to even go into a cave!"
      "Don't cha mean Vishnu?" Junior asked, knowing what I was going to say next.
      "Same god, different names. Hahaha", That's what I loved about this kid. He was the only one in this group who'd love some good banter. Bantz as we liked to call it. Sure, no one is religious now. But after arriving on Torion, the people began to exhibit some cult-like behaviour. Cult-ish.
       The people began to look towards a leader, a prophet if you will. They followed Zidane blindly. Never questioning. I wasn't ever sure how he got to be the faction head. Pretty sure, we had an election among 6 of the oldest men in the faction (all of whom were in their early 40's) which included Zidane, Brian and 4 other old hoots . It was a relatively democratic process. Everyone voted for themselves except old Joe (an ironic name since he was only 2 months older than the second eldest of the group) whom had been experimenting with moonshine and voted for "Zidane or Zirdance or whatever", thereby making him, Zidane Spelling, king of the ill equipped faction. Zidane was a private during the Kurigan wars back on Xerath thereby making him the most experienced person of the group. Although, he was dishonourably discharged after shooting off the index, middle and little finger of his brother. His brother was having an affair with Zidane's wife. Hence, that's why Zidane is here as well.
       "Listen, Junior" I said trying to keep him happy , "I'll bring you somewhere tomorrow. I'll take a day off work and we'll have a trip. How's that?"
       "Fine." groaned the clearly defeated child, "if you say so."
       "What's so interesting about it anyway? I mean the cave."
       "That's the thing! I can't explain it! I saw some weird shit -"
       "Shit! You shouldn't be using that word!" Junior was definitely picking up my habit of cussing "Shit. Remember when your mom heard you say the C-word? We were both grounded! And I'm a grown man! Alright, alright! I'll follow you there tomorrow. It had better not be a prank!"
       "Oh definitely not, Michael!" exclaimed Junior "It is defo-the-tits!"
       "Jesus! What did I tell you about cursing?!" I said slapping the back of his head.

       We woke up and left early to the cave. Well, we tried. We were held up by Diane's breakfast. She had taken eggs from the genetically modified chicken's coop. Barn animal and game were placed on the planet years before the 1000 of us warped here. The illusion of self reliance, when everything has been placed here by Xerath's scientific division. We got to the cave after breakfast which took us about an hours walk. I seriously begin to question whether Brian and Diane are doing a good job keeping an eye on their child. As we entered the cave, I began to feel cold. The taste of air in here seemed to be different than the outside world. Junior lit his torch and grinned. Almost as if to prove he was better prepared than I was. I wasn't going to lose to a child so I held out my cellphone which had been switched off for 5 months and used to the torch light application on it. I was impressed with the phone, still has it's uses in a world without connectivity. I looked around the great cave, its walls that were shaped by the elements, lime stone pointing down from the ceiling.
       "Is this it Junior?" I asked, I was actually beginning to get a little scared of such a place "I guess we should head back."
      "No way! It's deeper in! Follow me!" 
       Sure, follow a child deeper into a potentially life threatening cave. What could go wrong? I mean, I might die. But I was kind of prepared for that when I sent my application in to live in this Deity forsaken planet. After walking for a good 10 minutes we hit a dead end. But there was a door present. It didn't have a knob or a keyhole like doors round here. Or a keypad/swipe card like back on Xerath. Suddenly a voice echoed in my head, "look closely at the door"
       I took two steps and the door, became a mirror, but I wasn't looking at myself, I was looking at a a lanky man who looks just like me, with a grey mustache. He looked a lot like me but his hair was grey and thinning. 
       "Michael, it's me. Michael" the man in the mirror said."
       "No way! It can't be. I can't grow a mustache" I may have been joking, but I was shocked, could any of this be real? What is Junior seeing right now? Am I speaking out loud? No, the voice seems to have spoken to the mirror out loud from my thoughts/
       "Ah, Michael. Ever so sacarstic. That trait will die soon. I don't have time, so I must be brief. I am you from the future."
       "If you're from the future, surely you've got plenty of time" I thought out loud.
       "Well I don't!" Future-Michael said crossly. "Listen, in the future there will be a great famine, and our Lord God needs you to warn the people. It will not be easy, no one will believe you for the next 7 cycles, your faction will experience an abundance in harvest, but that will change and you must rejoin -"
      "Wait! There's a God?! No way! Hahaha! This has to be a joke! Is it jesus and jehovah? Allah? Or -"
      "My boy, each world has its on God. A God can't control the whole universe, that'd be too much work. On earth there was jehovah and jesus -"
      "Called it, knew the the christians were right"
      "On Xenarth there was Urdusia"
      "Never heard of that one." Man, so many people must gave gone to hell then.
      "On Torion, it's Frurare. And he is a spiteful God. None of you have heard of him and this has made him a jealous God. He will soon destroy your crops and you will no longer be able to survive on the harsh lands of Torion. The genetically modified animals and crops will not survive his wrath."
       "Hey, you can't be serious? I mean I have to be dreaming."
       "Look at the boy next to you."
        I looked over to Brian Junior, he seemed to be in a trance, He was just staring upwards towards the ceiling. What was happening to him? I felt my stomach sink. What happenend to him?
       "Don't be afraid Michael. He is receiving his own set of instructions. Now you must listen, Zidane is not the true leader of the faction. You are. You will lead the people to salvation, To Frurare."
        "If you're from the future, tell me then. Do I succeed?" I asked, almost as a test.
        "That I cannot say. I must not reveal too much to you, Just a gentle nudge in the right direction. But stick with the boy. He will be your closest companion and advisor. You will love him in the years to come when he is a man, more than men you've ever loved."
        "Wait? Is Brian Junior gay as well?" I asked, I mean I liked the boy but I knew he was still a boy.
        "Hang on. Fuck, I wasn;t supposed to reveal. Oh well what's said is said. You are gay, he is not, and you'll have your heart broken. Many times. Many many times. But other than that, I cannot say anymore! And don't try to force anything out of me! Now go! Lead the people to Frurare."
         After that last sentence, I felt like I have been broken from a trance. I looked straight to Brian Junior. "Junior did you see that? Did you hear any of that?"
        "Yeah, an old man kept telling me to keep you true to your mission. To never leave you side -Michael! Michael!! Look at your face! It's changed! Different! You look old!"
        I turned to look at the door, it was still a mirror. Instead of looking like it was a recording, I was looking at myself. I looked just like the old man in the mirror. With a mustache! This must be real. I have to tell the people of Frurare. I must lead them from Zidane.
       "What are we going to do Michael? Mom and Dad won't be happy to hear about this"
       "You know what, fuck your mom and dad."

Leslie Newport was sitting at his desk. He had used his exovision to produce a recording to Michael. Tricking him into potentially starting a civil war. He walked out of the lab tent, and stared at the Griffin faction village. It looked like it was booming. Finally a proper civilization. He closed his eyes again and telepathed to his secondary cranial processor to message the other 4 faction scientist. 3 screens loaded to his eyes. 2 women scientist and an older scientist. The lady scientist on the first screen spoke;
       "Leslie, our factions have been ready for the past 2 months now. Do you have good news?"
       Leslie smiled to himself. "Send the drones out. Let them record eveything. Create a direct link with Xerath. We've just found a way to increase the ratings on this tv show." 


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