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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

What Depression Feels Like

Okay, i think I'm having my bad days of depression. Not a good time for it since I want to study. That doesn't make me feel all fine and dandy all the time. In fact nowadays I'm just plain unpleasant.

I have my good moments and I have my bad ones. Right now it's all bad. I'm getting lazy and lethargic. That's a sign that I'm pissed off.

But at what you may ask?

Nothing really. I'm just having my mood swings again. That is a lead up for me to be pissed at specific stuff.

For starters I feel incompetent. I can't measure up to society. I feel stupid and dumb. I feel I can't start  doing anything in my life. It's sad.

But honestly, that's what depression feels like. It's almost as if the world had no colour. I'm not exaggerating. it really does seem like the world has no colour.

I have medications to help me, but I hope that everyone else will understand that depression doesn't come only if something bad happens. it comes whenever it wants.

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