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Sunday, June 19, 2016

4 Tips to Survive A Long Distance Relationship.

4 Tips to Survive A Long Distance Relationship.

       If you've watch many rom-coms or sitcoms, I am sure you've become accustomed to the idea that Long Distance Relationships are synonymous with breaking up. Usually in the show, a character meets his/her ideal lover, falls in love, have loads of great sex. But then the partner finds a job in another city or country and everything changes. Their schedule changes, they're in different time zones, and they're living life without you. It's enough to make anyone want to call it off. Well, life isn't a movie. I've been in one, heck, I'm still in one. Yet my girlfriend and I are pushing our 6th year anniversary soon, and we feel great! We've developed our own way to deal with it, embracing every challenge that comes our way. So from personal experience, I've made a list of how to survive a long distance relationship and fall deeper in love each day

1. Make Time for Each Other.

With my relationship, I had to deal with the time difference of about 8 hours just to talk to my girlfriend. Each day I get up, I can't call her, cause she's probably asleep and she can't call me when she gets up because I'm probably in university or working. At first, living like this was a nightmare. I had become accustomed to wishing her good morning everyday before she left for England, and we'd talk about our day at night. After she left, we couldn't afford the luxury of speaking to each other candidly or on a whim.

However once we've gotten used to it, we set apart a day in the week where we can skype and just talk for about 2 hours about what happened throughout the week. It isn't ideal to have to talk over the internet, but you've gotta make good with what you have.

So try to come out with a time that's good for the both you. If you try too hard to talk every time, you're making matters worse and it could lead to the both of you arguing

2. Have Similar Goals Together.

When I say goals, it can be anything. No matter how big or small. It can be planning your next holiday together or just waiting for the next Game of Thrones episode to come out.

My girlfriend and I kept up with How I Met Your Mother from the 6th season all the way to the end. We often discussed the episode, from what made us laugh to who we thought the mother was. It was great because we had something in common to look forward to.

Besides watching tv, we always made sure we saw each other once a year. We always looked forward to the time when she'd come back to Malaysia or I'd go to the UK. It was a great way of fractioning the year, and making our time apart seem short. Normally we'd meet over the summer holidays and plan the whole thing out. We'd spend every minute together then, falling in love with each other more and more.

3. Don't be Jealous.

You're all alone in your country while she/he is out. Probably a night out drinking with some friends. You're not really sure what's going on and you go to her facebook account and notice a beautiful person of the opposite sex putting his or her arm on your significant other's shoulder. You get a little insecure. That sucks, but it's going to be a very common thing.

The sooner you accept that this happens the happier you're gonna be.

Early on in my relationship that was the reality. I got incredibly insecure about how little I knew about her night outs. I am not the kind of guy that goes out drinking every week, but in the UK it was a cultural norm. I accepted she will go out, but I knew I could trust her, Trust your partner, because where he/she is, she's trusting you too.

4. Make Sure There's an End in Sight.

Everything must come to an end. Hopefully not your relationship. But the Long Distance Relationship has to come to an end. If you foresee yourself staying in one place and your partner decides to further his career someplace else, there really is no point in continuing the relationship. It's better that you break it off and find someone back home.

Make sure there's an expiration date to your LDR. Yearn for the day that you can both be in the same country and settle down. Have a plan to end your LDR, and plan your life for once you're both together.

My girlfriend and I have a 3 year plan. We've been together for over half a decade and we're planning for the after very soon.

In summary, always remember to communicate when you can, trust wholeheartedly, have goals for the future, and just keeping falling in love all over again. These are just a few tips, if you have any more tips, please write it down in the comments below

Monday, June 6, 2016

Streamlining Your Blog Content

There's a lot that you can write on a blog. Whether it's fashion tips or gadgets, the content is endless. But what makes people come back? What makes SEO friendly blog?

Well, heck if know. If I'd known, this would have been an awesome blog making me lots of money. Instead all I am left with is this mess of what could have been.

What I've gathered over the past few weeks are just a bit of advice for the aspiring blog writer, streamline your blog.
Write about something that people need to know. It can be recipes, gadgets or the news.

Mind you if you're gonna write about the news, don't just be reporting it, have something to say as well. If you have an idea, even if it's controversial, just say it.

If you're writing about your life, lemme tell you a little secret, no one really cares. There will be a few lucky sods that are able to make people come back while writing about trips to the mall. However, chances are you're not going to be one of them. So it's best to chuck that idea out the window.

I've tried to be an Renaissance man, and write whatever I can in this blog, but that's not how it is supposed to be. I have decided to streamline this blog towards, money.

Money talks for the common man. My venture to be a millionaire. Let's see how it goes

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Investing at a young age.

Invest while you're young!

That's what I always say, well, I tried to but I've always used up all my money by the end of the month. Well, I try not to  but gosh, a good night out seems to overrule my better judgement...

Well no more. As I've grown older, I've begun to see the value of money and if I could help the younger generation I would. And so I should!

This goes to all the secondary and college student out there. How to save your money!

Why is it Easier to Save When You're Younger? 

For all the kids that wanna be rich in the future, please listen...(especially you Ean.) you can save your money easier than an adult can. Sure an adult probably has a job, and a steady flow of income but you have one too!

It's called Mummy-Daddy money. What is that actually?

Well, kids are often given these miraculous things called "Allowances," and frankly speaking I don't know what for?

Are they to feed you? If you're living at home, you're probably eating home cooked food anyway.

Are they for rent? No, you've got a roof over your head.

Are they for saving? Heck yeah! Save it!

Don't be fooled into thinking your allowance should go into "fancy food," or "social activities".

Use that money for something else.

How Should Kids Invest Their Money?

For obvious reasons, kids won't know how to invest, Unless parents set some time apart to teach them (such as the birds and the bees) how the system works, kids aren't gonna start trading at a young age. You probably wouldn't want them to.

Trading is not as easy as you think it is. You can probably be a weekend trader, but you have to do your research. That is something your dumb kid isn't gonna be doing anyway.

So, to the kids, i tell you,  put your money in a fixed deposit. Not only are you getting compound interest as the years go by you're still not touching thousands of Ringgit. Which after maturing (the money and you), you can go into trading.

In summary, you're not gonna be friends with your secondary school mates, so why waste money on them?


- eating out
- going to cafes to study (for fuck's sake, coffee's coffee. Don't think coffee is worth the 100% price hike in cafes)
- socializing (go play basketball or something. Something free)

- a fixed deposit

Remember, the reward is in the destination, not the journey.
Money is the true source of happiness.